Due to our impeccable knowledge of the Law, wide experience and the flexibility of resource management that we provide to each individual client, we always guarantee a distinct approach and a high quality of service. We combine the best traditions of jurisprudence and innovative policy, thus minimising clients’ expenses, whilst at the same time providing a speedy and high-quality service.
  • Tax practice

    Tax practice is at the forefront of the Glossa Legal Centre’s activities. Our legal experts have a wide experience of solving taxation issues successfully, both in and out of court.

  • Outstaffing

    Outstaffing is a process of employing personnel through another legal entity. Under the conditions of outstaffing, personnel do not conclude work contracts with a client-company, but with another specialized company known as “the provider” (Private Labour Agency).

  • Construction

    Our specialists have an impeccable knowledge of Russian Law specific to construction, and understanding of the current situation in particular spheres, which enables them to provide high-quality standards of legal services.

  • Commercial practice

    Our consulting has real commercial value and allows us to solve complicated and non-standard business tasks. We have a wide experience of work in such areas as oil production, medicine, construction, ‘horeca’, health and beauty, retail and distribution, HR and related business, as well as scientific research.

  • Business Disputes

    Our experts have built up a vast experience of case proceedings in a variety of instances of arbitration, including in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.

  • Government Purchases