We take full cognisance of the interests of our clients, and we are glad to provide specific legal services according to the needs of their businesses. Even when solving untypical and complicated cases, we guarantee a high quality of service.
  • Tax practice

    Tax practice is at the forefront of the Glossa Legal Centre’s activities. Our legal experts have a wide experience of solving taxation issues successfully, both in and out of court.

    Tax consulting and planning

    • juridical help with financial planning regarding tax calculation and payments;
    • tax consulting for legal entities and individuals;
    • consulting on how to fill Personal Income Tax returns (NDFL) for residents and non-residents of Russia;
    • consulting on how to develop a company tax base;
    • evaluation of the tax impact on projects and business transactions;
    • analysis of tax risks;
    • preparation of requests for explanation of Tax Law by relevant controlling authorities.

    Taking interim measures against non-normative acts of tax authorities

    Interim measures help to save financial resources and prevent tax payers’ property from unreasonable seizure by the courts.

    Currently, Arbitration Courts require applications to be justified throughout the process of application filling. The purpose for this is to suspend decisions of tax authorities until the juridical act comes into effect. Inadequately proven petitions will not be satisfied, and in this case tax authorities are able to initiate recovery procedures immediately in the court. For this reason, the package of documents explaining the necessity of interim measures to be taken is sometimes several times bigger than the main documents package.

    Due to our experience in the filling of such petitions, we provide more convincing arguments about interim measures taken of necessity in the courts, and in case of refusal we effectively appeal to the higher court.

  • Outstaffing

    Outstaffing is a process of employing personnel through another legal entity. Under the conditions of outstaffing, personnel do not conclude work contracts with a client-company, but with another specialized company known as “the provider” (Private Labour Agency).

    From our side we provide:

    • primary consulting on the merits or otherwise of particular outstaffing contracts;
    • full package of documentation;
    • detailed description of the functions outstaffing schemes;
    • introduction of outstaffing to your company;
    • consulting on relevant outstaffing questions for your Managers, Chief Accountant, Head of HR;
    • help with solving labour conflicts and complicated cases.
  • Construction

    Our specialists have an impeccable knowledge of Russian Law specific to construction, and understanding of the current situation in particular spheres, which enables them to provide high-quality standards of legal services.

    Legal practice of investment projects related to non-residential property construction

    Services provided:

    • legal expertise and implementation of real estate and other property rights, including land rights;
    • legal expertise for investment projects;
    • legal practice in construction activity and documentation expertise for developers/ construction companies specializing in non-residential property construction;
    • formulation and expertise of property-ownership law for real estate objects, including new construction and objects of uncompleted construction;
    • solving disputes regarding contracts and other construction documents.
  • Commercial practice

    Our consulting has real commercial value and allows us to solve complicated and non-standard business tasks. We have a wide experience of work in such areas as oil production, medicine, construction, ‘horeca’, health and beauty, retail and distribution, HR and related business, as well as scientific research.

    Contractual law

    • project development and analysis of existing contracts in companies;
    • preparation of protocols for disputes;
    • adjustment of contract conditions;
    • claims actions when contractors do not fulfil the contract conditions.
  • Business Disputes

    Our experts have built up a vast experience of case proceedings in a variety of instances of arbitration, including in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.

    Mediation and solving conflicts in and out of court

    The following services are provided for business disputes:

    • legal evaluation of the dispute;
    • legal evaluation of the business;
    • development of the legal position;
    • providing verbal and written conclusions stating grounds for the court vindication, with appropriate perspectives;
    • out-of-court participation in the process of regulation of disagreements between parties in dispute (mediation);
    • arbitration proceedings between businesses.
  • Government Purchases

    • Expert advice and execution of tender documentation;
    • adjustment proposals of governmental contracts, to be concluded after orders have been placed;
    • verbal and written consultation on how to participate in tenders;
    • expert preparation and execution of tender documentation;
    • appeals against actions in the courts on illegitimate and administrative bases.